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about us

Our diverse experience across multiple verticals and communication platforms has earned us a track record of success in connecting businesses with their best and most-valued customers. 

We seek meaningful ways to communicate with consumers to build long-lasting human connections. By focusing on people and their behavior, we assist brands in connecting with consumers through integrated communications solutions and technology.

We are experts at selecting the best tactics to create the most efficient, cost-effective and results-oriented communication mix to increase site traffic and drive new, qualified customers to your location. We strive to help you grow and retain those valuable consumers.

For over 25 years, we have been helping brands grow and succeed by using the latest research and technology to reach today’s multi-platform consumer.  Your brand deserves the power of fully integrated communications solutions that drive results.

We are grounded in digital, proficient in traditional and believers in the power of convergence.

Contact us today to find out how we can propel your business forward.

About Jody Slater, Principal and Founder

Jody is the principal and founder of Nimble & Associates and has been creating first-class digital strategies and communications solutions for clients for well over two decades.

Jody has over 25 years experience in advertising and marketing, over seven years of digital on the agency side and extensive senior sales management experience in radio, television and cable. She has worked for many top companies including Tribune, Katz, Cox, Time Warner and Comcast, as Regional Vice President for National Cable Communications. Jody was Executive Vice President of U.S. Interactive, the digital division of U.S. International Media; a division she founded in 2004. Her most recent position before Nimble was as Senior Vice President of InterMedia Advertising’s digital division, where she was entrusted with leading InterMedia’s online division responsible for producing cross-platform communications campaigns that successfully meet clients’ goals.

Jody’s extensive background brings a broad yet unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities for brands today. She enjoys working closely with clients and is passionate about developing brands and new businesses. Jody is a creative problem solver, a believer in the power of research and analytics and excited about present and future of digital. She is known by clients and colleagues alike for her effective leadership, her commitment to partnerships and for bottom line getting things done.